Our Founder

In Memory Of

John K. Gutierrez


* * * *

John K. Gutierrez, founder of Gutierrez Studios, was a vibrant and vital force in the Baltimore art and architecture community. John believed in the importance of quality design and craft in our daily lives and dedicated his life to enhancing the built environment.

John’s vision of being a craftsman began at a young age. He set up his first wood shop in his father’s garage, while still in high school. Later, he attended Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for American Craftsmen, where he majored in furniture design. John returned to Baltimore, after graduation, and set up Gutierrez Studios in 1991 in the historic Clipper Mill.

John’s business originally focused on handmade wood furniture. His passion for materials and processes led him to other mediums, primarily metalwork, which he incorporated into the business. John took on larger, more challenging projects and eventually hired skilled craftsman to assist him. The company grew steadily over the years. Today, Gutierrez Studios' is a thriving enterprise of experienced and dedicated artisans.

John was a creative talent, a visionary entrepreneur and community leader. But more importantly, for those of us who knew him, he was a warm and gregarious man with a great gift of bringing people together. He inspired us to think big, to never settle, to challenge ourselves and make a difference. John left a legacy of great ideas and set the highest standard for Gutierrez Studios- and everyone he came in contact with.

Gutierrez Studios continued success is a testament to the strong foundation he established and the core values he instilled. John is deeply missed but remains ever present through the work of a dedicated staff, who proudly uphold his vision each day, and through the mark of beauty he left on the built environment.

We continue to honor John’s vibrant spirit through the Gutierrez Memorial Fund, a 501(C)(3) charitable organization, dedicated to supporting the arts in Maryland.

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